Steelheading 201

November 21 or 22nd • 9am-3pm

Private Water on Elk Creek, PA
Cost $225.00
Hone your Steelhead techniques, answer frequently asked questions, and learn from the pro's while enjoying a day on the water with CRO. Limited to 3 anglers.

Steelhead Workshop Weekend

November 6, 7 & 8 - $950 per person
Note: A rapid corona test is required within 48 hours of weekend.

What: Weekend focusing on improving your single hand Steelhead game. This will cover advanced indicator fishing, as well as swinging flies with a single hand rod for those interested. Advanced rigging, covering water, pinpointing key holding areas, specialized steelhead casts, single hand spey, swinging flies with your single hand rod, and whatever else you would like to improve upon.

As the title suggests it not all about the angling. We will enjoy divine BBQ at dinner and have a special guest bartender Saturday evening. We will enjoy some of the best bourbon cocktails you could imagine to accompany the great food. This man is a true mixologist to be sure, and a great entertainer. We will also learn the finer points of bourbon, and the art of mixing drinks with one of Americas favorite spirits from the bluegrass state.

Arrive Friday November 6th after 4pm. Room assignments, cocktails, discussion about weekends fishing. Fish Saturday 7th, and Sunday 8th. depart after fishing on the 8th. ncludes 2 days guided fishing, lodging, meals. Does not include gratuity for guides, guest bartender, or fishing license.

Swung Fly Weekend

December 4, 5 & 6 - $999 per person
Note: A rapid corona test is required within 48 hours of weekend.

Perfect your swung fly game with CRO. Weekend will focus on two handed casting, choosing sink tips, presenting the fly at proper depth, speed, profile, and angle, and fly choices to match mood of the fish and river conditions.

Arrive Friday the 4th after 4pm. Dinner, drinks, discussion of weekend ahead. Fish Saturday 5th, Sunday 6th, Depart for home after fishing on the 6th.

Limited to 4 guests. Private rooms with plenty of house and river available for social distancing. Includes 2 nights lodging, 2 days guided fishing, all meals. Price: $999 per person. Please join us for a fun and fishing filled weekend. Also included will be wonderful food, conversation, and beverages to warm us up after a chilly day on the water. Please call CRO at 440 247 7110 to register. $300 deposit is due to secure spot please.

Fall Brown Trout Bash at the South Holston River Lodge

October 29 - November 2nd

4 nights lodging, 3 days fishing. $2299.72 per person.

Please call shop at 440 247 7110 or stop in to sign up today.

Musky Trips

Location: Primarily lakes, but will be determined at the time of the trip.

Duration: Trips will last 4-5 hours. Weekday trips will start between 4-4:30 and go until dark. Weekend trips will begin based on the conditions at the time.

Timing:  Post spawn fishing in April/May is good, as is June. Fishing stays good until November. Extreme heat in the summer (late July/August) might shut fishing down, or limit it to mornings and evenings.
Weekday evening trips will be either Tuesday or Thursday. Other weekdays can be done by request. 

Gear:  Guides can provide all gear and flies.  11wt and 12 wt fly rods, floating, intermediate, and sinking lines.   Large 8-12 inch flies.

Expectations: Not for the beginner fly fisherman. Anglers should be able to double haul, and cast a 12wt comfortably for 4-5 hours. Expect to throw large streamers (6-10”) on 11wt & 12wt rods using full sinking lines, for large predatory fish ranging in size from 30”-50”  A good day of fishing is typically getting 2-3 shots at fish in 4 hours of fishing.

Cost: $400 for one or two anglers.  Anglers must take turns with two anglers on board.